My letter to Abba



I never really got to learn lessons about life as I should have. I still think that if my mom hadn’t passed on, she would have taught me amazing life lessons. But I did my fair share of learning by copying habits I fancied from various people. I copied walking steps from T.V. and how to smile from books -yes, you can learn how to smile from amazing authors who can describe the smell of hot baking bread by itself, like me…lol.

Follow Jesus

Maria stood still. Tired was an understatement she thought; what else was she supposed to think? She was drowning and she knew it. Life was not making it easy at all, seeping all her energy out one gush after another in very quick successions. It would have been bearable, in fact she would not have minded at all but for the most important detail of her life that now seemed missing. She was scared...