God is within her, she will not fall… Psalm 46:5

Hello Ladies! See who is back after a long break without any notice, you surely want to know why…let’s dig into the post


See, after I started praying to God to be bold and courageous, He started leading me to do stuff I wouldn’t have dared to do myself such as blogging. It’s been a big step for me really, with the way I cherish my space, having to face criticism, take this and add the “what ifs” … What if I’m not good enough, consistent, don’t have good content, just take a look at my life God, it’s a mess already.


Remember Gideon of the Bible whom God called a “mighty man of valour” but still went over his what-ifs before God, that’s me right now, and maybe you too…

God’s Word declares that we are His vessels, unto honour, the light of the world that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a bushel. Sister, our God is always intentional! Has He not seen the end already from the beginning, and did He not form all your parts intricately with your moods and emotions altogether. God knows, He knows you beyond what you can ever know and He makes beautiful things from the dust. He lifts you up from the miry clay and plants your feet on firm ground.

Dear Sister, the mud won’t stick forever if you stick closer to God. He’ll take you through processes you could never have orchestrated to make sure you come out as fine Gold. He sits as the refiner and purifier of silver. Take the steps and trust and obey, enjoy each day’s success and be at peace. Embrace the place where you are and keep pressing forward! He has placed people in your life who will engage your destiny and make sure to bring the best out of you, receive help, receive correction. Enjoy!


P.S: Father, thank you for today, for giving me this moment to shine your light now, where I am. I step out in obedience trusting You that I will not be put to shame and Your glory will surely shine forth. I present myself today, prune and purify till all of you is all of me.


I’ve missed you so 🙂

I’m working on the blog to make sure I serve you better, so lemme know what you’ll like to read on the blogs, I’m open to receive more topics from you and make this space warm. Don’t forget to drop your comments below. Ciao!




9 thoughts on “SHINE!

  1. Well done!…little by little and day after day, growth isn’t something you can easily calibrate even as consistency is very key. Grace to you ma.


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