At first I drowned, then I learnt I was the storm, then I started happening.



P.S.: Dear Father in heaven, You are with me, I carry Your presence everywhere I go. Each time You remind me that You are with me, all my craze melts away, what power! I am never alone. Love

What Kind Of Love Is This?

This God before time saw my need and helped me.


I never really got to learn lessons about life as I should have. I still think that if my mom hadn’t passed on, she would have taught me amazing life lessons. But I did my fair share of learning by copying habits I fancied from various people. I copied walking steps from T.V. and how to smile from books -yes, you can learn how to smile from amazing authors who can describe the smell of hot baking bread by itself, like me…lol.


Growing up, my family suffered a lot of setbacks, things had been going on wonderfully until my mother died in a car accident.